OUR SERVICES ::: Ship Owners and Consignees’ Protective Agency


In recognition of the intricate activities of the shipping and maritime, Oil and Gas operations, the Group has an integration of expert personnel, and affiliations with professional and corporate organizations. This with a vision and mission to enhance our increasing capacity to provide the needed protections for the shipping and maritime businesses of our global customers, particularly within the West African coast and ports.


With our team of lawyers, valuation and electronics/communications/navigational equipment experts, shipping and ports correspondents, inspectors, hospitality agents, etc., we are reputed for protecting the vessels operations and their scheduled rotations, for goods and other business interests of our increasing clients across the world.

Our agency has proud accreditations and awards by notable bodies and other alliances. Some of which are:

We also manage industrial relations with government and other host communities where these equipment are deployed for their operations.


We offer to undertake substantial corporate and functional responsibilities in this enterprise, and provide all relevant insurance and security covers for all equipment that may be provided for these services. In order to enhance our proficiency, we maintain professional subscriptions and registration with several petroleum, maritime and shipping bodies around the world.


We also carry out extensive feasibility studies and appraisals on all maritime, oil and gas issues in Nigeria, and most other West African countries.